Candle Making With a History


Producing a top quality candle means first and foremost trusting their men and women, trusting in their know-how, in the work they carry out, patiently repeated and meticulous, the heritage of a unique and rare ancestral art. This know-how can be seen in their stringent selection of raw materials, the most appropriate mixture of ingredients and the temperature control throughout the whole manufacturing process. In this way each and every one of the candles contains the wealth of their experience!


Creative spirit. In the heart of the company is tucked away a multidisciplinary workshop where creator, designer and graphic designer together search for and invent stories of light with unforgettable fragrances. Permeated with the the defining spirit and mood of this particular period of history and at the same time inspired by the major trends appearing on the horizon, it is here that new ideas come to life for our top-of-the-range collections that are so eclectic and luxurious that they leave no one indifferent.


Fragrant spirit. Fragrances are the extra soul added to these collections. They are the fruit of the imagination and developed in close cooperation with famous specialists from the Grasse area. With this dimension of smell they add their finishing touch and turn your home into a place of escape where living “smells good”!


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