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Bougies la Francaise Scented Pine Cone Tapered Candles - White & Beige

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Like a mini Christmas tree that would have been dipped upside down in a pot of paint oscillating between sand, wood and gold, the beige pine cone candle has a real personality.

One would think the white pine cone candle candle covered with a fresh coat of fresh powder, or chiseled in frost, or a stalagmite like a treasure after the exploration of an ice cave. And how can this ice cube warm us up? By gently lighting its little wick, with the assurance that his immaculate wax will melt much less quickly than snow in the sun. 

As an alternative to the classic and timeless white candle, these decorative candles with the sweet scents of the forest renew the genre, standing proudly on a table runner, warming a reading corner, or placed on a windowsill to guide the guests. in the Christmas night.