Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is a unique talent and has been called a Perfume Genius by her devoted clientele. Beginning her career as an Art student in painting, Dawn came to Perfumery in 1991. While working at Boston's famed ESSENSE Perfumery (on Posh Newbury Street) she developed her talent for creating perfumes based on Fine Art principles (texture, color, line, light, shape, expression), bringing the Art of Aromatherapy into her fragrances and sensing what her clients truly want ("a perfume that makes you feel even more like yourself..."). Dawn has consulted for niche marketers such as Flora Napa Valley, Calypso, Jules and Jane and Zents Spa collection. Welcome to a new experience in the realm of perfume and adornment!


DSH New Creations are in a class by themselves. Perfumery is a nearly lost artform. In an age when most products are manufactured by machines and designed by committee, DSH New Creations bring us back to an essence forgotten. Created by an artist using traditional (by hand) techniques and blending methods. DSH New Creations are made with an attention to detail and a personal touch. These fragrances are in general lighter, more delicate and natural than most on the market today. As they are made with more essential, they blend with your skin chemistry and smell different on everyone. 

Les Rouges- Passion, Power, Lust, Rage, Ecstasy...such are our associations with RED, our wildest emotions and greatest HEAT are bound to this primal color. Inspired by the radiance and intensity of RED come the les rouges collection by Perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz for her Perfection Connoisseur Fragrance Label. Only the finest essential oils, botanical absolutes and essences are used to create these exquisite designs which lend intrinsic rarity and value to each one of these most precious of fragrances. 

Essense Studio- This collection of pure oil perfumes is an innovation and a step above the norm! All of the essence studio oils are hand made using the highest quality aromatherapeutic essential oils, botanical absolutes and perfume essences available. They are packaged in a 1 dram oil pulse roller which allows for you to eigher dab just the slightest amount on or roll it with abandon. Also, these pure oil formulations are more concentrated and therefore last much longer on the skin than do regular alcohol-based perfumes. They have the unique ability to warm up with your skin and release just the right amount of scent so as to not overpower.

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