L'Aromarine, now called Outremer has been manufacturing perfumes and perfumery products for over 25 years.
The perfume extracts come from 2 very distinct suppliers in Grasse. One is a very old internationally renowned company and the other is a very small family run business. 
When they develop a new perfume, they tell their suppliers the kind of scent they are looking for and they are provided with a range of samples from which they develop a fragrance that represents them in style and philosophy. They describe their fragrances as "pleasant and uncomplicated". "We leave the romance to the wearer of our perfumes to create for themselves". 
This line of fragrance is much loved by the customers who visit our shop.
We are proud to bring you our favorites from the line. 
The 1930's Floral Label Eau de Toilettes includes Florale, Tropique, Oceane, Tea, Cola, Peach and Vanille. The newest additions are Fleur Blanches (White Flowers) and Violet!
In keeping with the trend for all things natural, there is the Natural Trend Line. This includes Mousse de Chene/Oakmoss: Vanille/Vanilla: Mure Musc/Mulberry: Lavande Cassis/Lavender Blackcurrant Orange Santal et Petit Grain/Orange Sandalwood and Epices (Spices).
The Travel Line is inspired from 1930s Luggage Labels. Palazzo al Mara/Fruit and Berry: Oceanic Hotel Nice/Citrus Fresh and Atlantis/Wood Fragrance.
The tiny bottles of Perfume Extracts are a multi-purpose delight. Use them in your pot pourri, in your bath, on your body, or create your own perfume. Use them singly or blended. A little goes a long way. 0.28fl oz

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