Fragonard, established in 1926, in Grasse, the heart and soul of the French perfume industry, is one of the oldest and most renowned French perfumers. Managed today by the two great granddaughters of the founder, Agnes and Francoise Costa, Fragonard has remained a family business which continuously breaks new ground in the world of perfume-making, thanks to the talent and enthusiasm of the two sisters. Today, while Fragonard still represents the quality of tradition, the charm and appeal of the brand is in its movement and its change. Fragonard has the ability to move with the times and to continuously bring to market new scents and to produce new and original ideas. As summarized by Agnes in a recent interview, "Whenever we come up with a new idea, the only limits are that there must be proper respect for the charm and poetry of the past, but with modern input." Still standing for one of France's most respected and prestigious fragrance houses, the Fragonard brand represents much more today. As captured by Francoise, "We are not simply offering perfume but a taste of our culture: in Provence, there is always a flower that can be picked."

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