La Bouqueterie is the very essence of old world charm and luxury. Unique in it's presentation, the generous 8oz containers, with vintage graphics reminescent of turn of the century France, are filled with a superb range of products using the finest ingredients. Vitamin E, Lanolin, Shea and various botanical oils combine with fragrances that rival the finest perfumeries known to the world.

Pamplemousse Vanille A delightful harmony of refreshing grapefruit, tart lemon and succulent orange notes are married with exotic orchid-vanilla and elusive violet. A kiss of sweet almond is layered over verdant greens and sensual musk adding depth and charm to an enticing fragrance enjoyed by women and men. 
Notes: Grapefruit, lemon, orange, greens, violet, almond, orchid-vanilla, musk.

Tendre est la Nuit A bouquet of the sweetest clusters of night blooming jasmine and lush roses are seductively entwined with tantalizing ylang ylang blossoms. While rich cloves, deep woods and cool greens are artfully balanced to form an ultra feminine fragrance of regal power. 
Notes: rose, violet, ylang ylang, clove, greens, woods. 

Violette de Paris Seductively soft violets, sensual roses and cherry-like heliotrope are delicately interlaced with spicy cloves, warm cinnamon and lovely orchid vanilla. Cool greens, ancient woods and seductive musk add the depth and balance that makes this a favored and beloved feminine fragrance. 
Notes: violet, rose, heliotrope, clove, cinnamon, greens, woods, orchid-vanilla, musk.

Ambre et Mure Smokey amber & exotic sandalwood are infused with seductive musk and luscious blackberries. A whisper of violet & rose adds a hint of floral and, with the addition of green peaches, a fragrance of subtle sophistication is created that is loved by both women and men. 
Notes: amber, blackberry, violet, rose, green peach, musk.

Fleurs du Jour/Marina Bleu There is depth and complex character in this exceptional fragrance. Beautiful, exquisite notes of jasmine, violet and orange blossom are gracefully dancing with fresh greens, bright orange, spicy cedarwood and deeply sensual musk. Refreshing and perfectly compatible with either women or men. 
Notes: orange, fresh greens, jasmine, violet, orange blossom, cedarwood, musk.

Dimanche a la Campagne A soft, light and powdery fragrance invested with delicate cyclamen, fruity heliotrope. soft violet and hints of rose notes. Subtle harmonies of ancient cedar, deep sandalwood, sweet orchid vanilla and musk add a gentle yet warming touch which complements both women and men.
Notes: rose, violet, cyclamen, heliotrope, cedar, sandalwood, orchid vanilla, musk.

Muguet Translating into the much-loved flower, Lily of the Valley, this single-note rendition is both floral and fresh at the same time. Definitely feminine.

Gardenia Exotique  Potent, powerful clusters of waxy orange blossom are lovingly intertwined with intense, intoxicating gardenia to form an excitingly exotic fragrance of heady, Old World femininity. 
Notes: gardenia, orange blossom.

Lavender Only the purest, freshest, lavender, grown wild on the rocky slopes of Provence, is employed in the creation of our refreshingly vibrant and soothing fragrance. An unisex classic of unsurpassed excellence. 

Reve Passionel Cascades of fragile jasmine, rose and ylang ylang blossoms interplay with ripe, red raspberries, succulent oranges, greens and refreshing lemons creating an unique balance of heady intoxication and depth. Layers of orchid-vanilla, coconut and musk lend an exotic element of sensuality and complexity beckoning to the woman of power and femininity. 
Notes: jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, raspberry, orange, lemon, greens, orchid-vanilla, coconut, musk.

Delice Infini A delightful unisex fragrance with bold, earthy notes of exotic sandalwood & oak moss beautifully layered over powerful musk. Elusive white violets, patchouli & sumptuous roses are intertwined with fresh notes of lemon, orange and deep aquatics producing an intriguing and captivating fragrance of complexity and subtlety. 
Notes: white violet, rose, patchouli, lemon, orange, aquatics, sandalwood, oak moss, musk.

Embrasse Moi Lush sensual roses with a touch of soft violet notes are infused with exotic orchid-vanilla and dark, deep cedarwood. Providing balance, an hint of tart green apple is lightly layered over while provocative musk envelops this seductive fragrance drawing the sophisticated, alluring women to explore her depths. 
Notes: rose, violet, vanilla, musk, cedarwood, green apple.

Emotions Celeste Opulent rose petals and patchouli gently caress earthy sandalwood & mossy sage while warm, exotic spices envelop notes of musk and ancient amber. Fresh lemon, deep greens and aquatics marry to bring this intriguing, confident fragrance of feminine and masculine power to life. 
Notes: rose, patchouli, sandalwood, moss, sage. spices, amber, musk, lemon, greens, aquatics.

Desir Absolu Soft sandalwood notes along with warm, spicy coriander are delicately balanced with fresh orange and lemon. While deep, sensual rose and patchouli bring a floral accent to this lush fragrance, smokey amber and earthy musk give an added depth of sensuality creating an exotic and enticing fragrance of beauty and subtle power that beckons women and men alike.
Notes: rose, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, coriander, lemon, orange, musk.

Matins Vert Perfectly interchangeable for both women and men, the beguiling scent of green mandarin highlights this fresh, clean fragrance. Refreshing and soothing lavender adds depth and coolness while lively bergamot brings that pleasing, crisp citrus character that is so prized and adored by those of you who love that fresh-citrus world of fragrance. 
Notes: green mandarin, lavender, bergamot.

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