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La Bouquetiere Ambre et Mure Rice Powder Refill Bag

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Notes: amber, blackberry, violet, rose, green peach, musk.


Mysterious, dark, and exotic Woody-Fruity-Floral notes blend together to create an alluring fragrance.
Sandalwood, Smokey Amber, Musk, Blackberry, and Green Peach are so artfully married with Violet and Absolu Rose petals that the effect is both provocative and powerful.
This Rice Body Powder is a luxurious blend of milled rice, corn, and Vitamin E, forming an exquisite sealing layer to pamper and protect your skin.
For optimal maintenance, please keep stored in a dry area and use a separate puff for each of your fragrances.
Ingredients: Essential Oils, Natural Fragrances, Rice Powder, Corn Powder, Vitamin E