In 1970, inspired by Berkeleys "counterculture", Jane Saunders began creating alternative bath and body care products to reflect the emerging interest in natural ingredients and environmental concerns. The idea was simple: Jane wanted to make products that embodied her political and social values- using only pure, natural, and biodegradable ingredients. Instead of wasteful packaging, she offered customers bottles which they could return for refilling or recycling. The body care business has changed a lot since 1970, but the Saunders' business philosophy hasn't.

From the beginning, Jane chose not to compete with large, mainstream companies that spend as much to launch a new fragrance as she bills in a year. "Our goals have always been simple. We wanted to make a good product, which we learned to do by listening to our customers. We wanted to be mindful of the earth and its resources, which we are. And we wanted to enjoy our work. That seems more than enough to us." Jane explains TerraNovas success simply: "Thirty-two years ago, people were just beginning to be interested in natural products. Today, hundreds of retailers sell our products to customers who like Terra Nova's formulations because they appeal to both the senses and the mind. We continue to operate on the principle that simpler is better."

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