More than a Century of Superlative Quality Mason Pearson Hairbrushes of London, England, the company was established as a premier manufacturer in the 1860's. From the time of its inception Mason Pearson has pioneered hairbrushes that are designed to maximize the health and appearance of the hair and scalp. In 1885, Mason Pearson invented and patented the pneumatic cushion for the hairbrush, thus creating a unique brush that retains its desirability as an elegant cosmetic accessory to this day. The brush is produced in the "old world" manner, with many steps executed by hand and extra care taken to create a magnificent hair product. We, at Hampton Court, offer you two choices of tufts; BOAR BRISTLE TUFTS generally used for fine to normal hair and BOAR BRISTLE & NYLON TUFTS generally used for normal to thick hair.
We aplologize for the occasional "out of stock" hair brushes. Due to the nature of imported products and their availability, we do our best to have an order in with the company constantly.This doesn't however insure that we will always be shipped every brush on our order. If the brush you want is unavailable, please shoot us off an email and we will put you on a waiting list. This way you will know that as soon as we get one, so will you!

The US supplier of these wonderful brushes has found it necessary to raise the prices. This is the first increase since 1999 and is due to rising costs from Mason-Pearson England that have been graciously absorbed by the US distributor, along with the fluctuations in the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Pound. Those who are familiar with these brushes know that they last, almost, forever. When my customers ask me why they are so pricey, I explain that the only way they won't have this brush for 20 years is if they lose it! When looked at this way, they are a bargain! Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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