Victoria Scandinavian Soaps

Victoria Scandinavian Soap AB is a Swedish family run company that was founded in 1905 in Helsingborg Sweden. Since the early 1900s they have produced soap of the highest quality. Their long tradition and experience has led to long standing brand names such as Tallba, Victoria and Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål.

By tradition, Swedes are festive and drawn to Christmas, their zenith of merrymaking, with sheer delight in holiday preparations. Since the late 1700s the Swedish family places a luminescent pine tree by a window in earnest anticipation of the mystifying Tomte's arrival. He is credited with watching over the family and livestock all year, only appearing on Christmas Eve by lantern light, treats and presents in tow. The soaps we offer you here are fresh, fragrant and beautifully boxed in an old world style that is sure to evoke memories of Christmas past.

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