Albert W. Wightman found the inspiration for his business from his great grandmother, elizabeth Wightman. A woman with the pioneer spirit of independence and determination.
She was born with a sense of classic elegance and a romantic nature that made their way into Albert's heart and into his business. She founded a ranch in the Sierra Nevadas and Albert remembers summers he spent there as a boy. The proliferation of flowers,,,lilacs, roses, lavender, magnolias, violets....fragrance enveloped him and became his fascination.
Applying his education and knowledge of design to perfume, he has created fragrances that reflect an emphasis on quality and beauty.
Using traditional methods and the most precious ingredients, elizabeth W hand blends their scents to create sophisticated, alluring fragrances.
Clean, simple, elegant, totally original fragrances. Fragrances that speak to the individual.

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