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Terra Nova Signature Scents

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Select a Scent: ILE de SANTAL

TerraNova's perennial favorite signature scents: China Lily, China Rain, China Musk and Patchouli, are offered in the purest, longest-lasting form of fragrance, the Perfume Essence, and contain NO ALCOHOL!

0.375fl oz bottles

China Lily - The freshness of muguet and ozone highlighted by lily of the valley, jasmine and hyacinth and blended with sandalwood and musk create this timeless classic.
China Rain - Fleeting green top notes softened by a bouquet of lily, rose and traces of moss seize the freshness of a spring rain while sandalwood and musk balance this exquisite scent.

China Musk - romance is captured in this powdery fragrance of rose, musk and precious woods accented by enticing vanilla and amber.

Patchouli (Natural Essential Oil) - For hundreds of years, this natural, earthy essential oil has appealed to both men and women and is renowned for its aphrodisiac properties.

Fig Sambac - This fabulous, Mediterranean inspired perfume embodies luscious, ripe Grecian figs and intoxicating jasmine sambac vines, entwined in earthy cedar and vetiver for exquisite wearability. Sweet and delicious, yet rich and seductive. 

Ile de Santal - Lush, warm notes of creamy coconut, rich sandalwood and exotic white musk are artfully blended to carry us away to a beautiful island oasis. This addicting scent is perfect for men and woman alike. Sexy, rich and warm.

Lotus Blush - Dewy and lovely lotus blossom, a symbol of purity of heart, is laced with top notes of juicy mandarin, pear and sparkling freesia petals. All is veiled in blond bamboo and creamy amber for perfect balance. Feminine, flirty and sheer. 

Oceana Perfume - Terra Nova has re-released their classic fragrance due to popular demand! Evoking the coolness of sea spray and the energy of rolling waves, Oceana layers marine mist, green leaves, jasmine and spice. Fresh, modern and renewing.