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Bougies la Francaise Perforated Tapered Candles, pack of 20

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In an exclusive design, the long candles with holes are inspired by the charms of the past for the delight of the followers of the retro decoration. Invented in 1900, these vintage candles are presented in an old box signed Bougies la Française.

These white candles are perforated with 5 small holes along their length and adopt a fluted foot. The holes allow the liquid wax to be recovered. The wax of the candle solidifies and can be burned again. This ensures that the candle does not drip. The fluted foot allows these candles to adapt to all types of candle holders

Rewarded with a gold medal in Nantes in 1924, these original candles offer you top quality and will bring a touch of authenticity to the decoration of your table.
9" / 40 hour burn