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Carthusia Gelsomini (Jasmine) di Capri Liquid Soap

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Jasmine From Capri
A perfume inspired by jasmine that evokes, like a spell, the magic of an island unique to the world.
Delicate, sweet and fruity notes merge together in a fragrance that is both fresh and persistent at the same time.

Liquid soap with a delicate formula for cleansed and perfumed skin.

The presence of specific active ingredients, such as aloe gel and betaine, with a high moisturizing and soothing power, helps keep the skin always protected and soft to the touch.

Aloe gel repairs, nourishes, and soothes even the most sensitive skin, promoting cell regeneration and counteracting dryness and cracking.

Betaine, a natural amino acid, strengthens the hydrating action of aloe.

A daily ritual of luxuriously scented hair and a long-lasting, perceptible aura.

350 ml (11.8 fl. oz.)