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Carthusia A'mmare Bath Foam

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Unlock the secret garden of Capri with Carthusia A'mmare Bath Foam. This luxurious scent is inspired by the lush, colorful vegetation of the hidden paradise, with plants, shells, and coral branches all illuminated by the sun. Enjoy the aroma of this harmonious oasis with every bath, and make your home an exclusive paradise.
A luxuriant, flowery, colorful garden, where vegetation and water features draw a scented perimeter full of details that symbolize life and harmony as a whole.
The newest fragrance, named A'MMARE, is inspired by all of this.
With a mousse-like texture, this Carthusia foaming body cleanser gently cleanses the skin without stripping, leaving it soft to the touch.
The formula, enriched with betaine and allantoin, helps nourish, protect, and soothe, making it suitable even for sensitive skin.
150ml / 5 fl oz