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La Bouquetiere Tendre est la Nuit Bath Salts with Linen Bag

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Regal, romantic, and elegant is this, the most beloved of Floral-Fresh-Spicy fragrances. Lush floral notes of Absolu Rose and sweet Ylang Ylang are seductively entwined with rich Cloves, dark Woods, and cool Greens revealing a scent of sensual, pure feminine power
16 oz

Natural Components

 Mediterranean Sea Salts: draws out impurities, relaxes muscles, and promotes healing.
 Vitamin E: deeply moisturizes and heals the skin.
 Almond Oil: powerfully hydrates and moisturizes with natural Vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium.
Calendula Oil: soothes tired, sore muscles and promotes collagen development.
 Grapeseed Oil controls the moisture levels in the skin, keeping it balanced.
Jojoba Oil: superlative moisturizer and anti-inflammatory.
 Safflower Oil: an antioxidant, its high Vitamin E content is a natural source of moisture to boost skin health.