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elizabeth W Atelier Chypre Hand Cream

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Indulge your skin with the Elizabeth W Atelier Chypre Hand Cream, a luxurious blend of cedar and sandalwood, lemon and bergamot, oakmoss, and patchouli resins. Aromatically enhanced with honeyed rose and vibrant jasmine florals, this creamy emollient offers an elegant, musky scent that is both atmospheric and comforting. Experience the luxurious pampering this exclusive hand cream can offer.

elizabeth W Atelier Chypre Hand Cream is a luxurious combination of 7% shea butter and botanicals, including ginseng, ivy, cucumber, and comfrey.

It provides a silky surge of moisture to fortify your hands, day or night.

Keep it with you for intense hydrating convenience, as it is perfectly sized for travel.

Net wt 3.3 oz