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Alighiero Campostrini Firenze

For over a century Alighiero Campostrini, in Florence, Italy, has been producing luxurious, high-quality artisan soap using ancient Tuscan soap-making recipes and techniques. These coveted formulas have been used and guarded by the family since 1894, as well as the great cultural heritage of Italian soap production. 
Each unique La Florentina bar is made by hand using antique bronze molds cherished by the company through the generations. Superior ingredients including vegetable oils, beeswax and glycerin are used to create each handmade bar and each is delicately scented with the finest botanical fragrances. 
Each bar is then tucked into a hand-crafted keepsake box with illustrations dating back to the late 19th century.
La Florentina Il Preferico Dalle Dame - Hampton Court Essential Luxuries
La Florentina Il Preferico Dalle Dame
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