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Soapy Tails Citrus & Mint Dog Shampoo Bar for Short & Smooth Coats

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Maximum Shine Formula with Flea & Itch Relief
This blend of Citrus and Mint with botanicals, oils, and butters nourishes active coats to give them a full and fluffy lather.
It effectively cleanses short coats of everyday dirt and rinses away easily, while also shielding the sensitive skin underneath to reduce shedding and odors.
It adds deep moisture to prevent itching due to dryness and adds a natural shine to the coat, and its active ingredients help protect the canine skin and coat from fleas.
• Refreshing Citrus blends with cooling Peppermint to soothe and alleviate surface irritations and promote coat health.
• Gourmet plant oils and butters, a source of natural hydration, contain vitamins A, B, C and D to hydrate, protect and balance.
• The Shiny Coat Complex supports with a combination of therapeutic and nurturing key actives for coat brilliance.
• The Flea Relief Formula creates a natural barrier against pests while providing daily relief.
• The Dry Skin Formula harnesses powerful ingredients to address dryness that can cause itching and flaking.
• All ingredients are pH balanced, natural, 100% biodegradable and extra gentle.
• Ideal for breeds with short coats such as Weimaraner, Labradors, Whippets, Bulldogs, Beagles and many more.

Directions: Wet coat, lather and rinse. Use often to cleanse and revitalize canine coats.
4.75 oz