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Senteurs De France Versailles Confectionery Old-fashioned Marshmallows

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Senteurs de France offers you succulent traditional Versailles-themed marshmallows in the image of the motifs of the royal fabric.
Melting marshmallows with a soft texture and pastel color.
Sweets delicately flavored with anise, orange blossom, mandarin, lemon, and violet.

This traditional marshmallow is indeed made in an artisanal way.

At the origin of this treat is a plant: "Althaea officinalis". More commonly known as the official marshmallow, used for its anti-inflammatory properties and antitussive properties.

The archives concerning the Marshmallow date back to 1779 when the Marquis de Sade mentioned the "guive pastry" on the occasion of a letter addressed to his wife, Renee Pelagie de Sade. It was precisely from the 19th century that French confectioners decided to incorporate sugar instead of honey, but also to add egg whites, gelatin and starch in order to improve the original recipe.