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Senteurs De France Versailles Violettes Candies

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Traditional “Versailles” violet sweets: a wink for lovers of the Palace and Marie-Antoinette

Senteurs de France offers you traditional violet confectionery. 

Made in Nantes, the place of origin for sweets in France.

Illustrated with the Queen's little sedan chair!

This product is sold in the biggest museums in France such as the Palace of Versailles and the Louvre.

Emblem of modesty, but still that of a timid love, the perfume of the violet will intoxicate delicate gourmets and thus revive the flavor of the delicacies of yesteryear.

These small violet sweets are traditionally made from a syrup made from fresh violet petals, which is then crystallized in the form of small candies similar to small violets.

The scents of violets were already very popular with the Court of Versailles, which had the habit of using the scents of violets to perfume themselves and the Garden of Versailles was used to cultivate various varieties of Violets on the initiative of King Louis XIV.

15 oz