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Norfolk Natural Living Coastal Bath & Massage Oil, 100ml

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Norfolks Massage Oil is a perfect addition to your daily ritual, naturally nourishing on the skin and designed to help relax your muscles.

Simply pour a few drops of this indulgent bath oil under a warm running tap to create a truly restorative experience. 

Swirl the water around to evenly disperse the delicate aroma before climbing in. 

As your begin to relax - take a few deep breaths and allow the essential oil infusions to help soothe aching muscles and promote a restorative sleep. 

Using 100% pure essential oils, To use this massage oil: Apply a small amount to one palm. Rub your hands together to warm the oil then massage straight onto the skin.

Handmade on the Norfolk Coast in small batches, using a highly concentrated blend of essential oils, as a result you only need 5ml (a few drops) per bath.