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Fox + Hound Rosemary Peppermint Dog Shampoo + Conditioner Repels Fleas

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Provides soothing relief while repelling bugs away, promoting non irritating healthy skin.
For pups who love to run and play, there’s always a bath at the end of the day. This dog shampoo and conditioner is one of Fox + Hounds best-selling products for those who love the clean scents and want to give their furry friends the best.
All of their shampoo formulas come in a 16 oz. bottle.
This 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is perfect for dogs to repel fleas and ticks.
The gentle formula shampoo soothes irritation, and the conditioner helps to rebuild healthy cells.
The essential oil blend helps keep pesky bugs away.
Paraben Free/ Sulfate Free For dogs of all skin types - from normal to dry or allergy skin. 
Available in a rosemary peppermint scent, bringing comfort to an itchy pup.