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Caswell - Massey Comb - De-Tangler

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In its most vulnerable state, hair is prone to tangling when wet—which is why the Caswell-Massey De-Tangler Comb  has been designed as an extra-wide-tooth comb. Use it during and after showering to avoid damage, tangles, and knots while promoting longer, sturdier hair.
The rounded teeth in the Comb are made with a single sheet of exquisite Italian-crafted cellulose acetate—a renewable, plant-sourced material—so you can comfortably use the Comb on wet or dry hair.
Every Comb is handcrafted with a classic tortoise pattern for an elegant look in your bathroom or vanity.
7.25" extra-wide-tooth detangler comb
Made of cellulose acetate, a plant-based, renewable material