Carthusia Terra Mia Eau de Parfum


Here within the Terra Mia Fragrance, Bergamot salutes Neroli and Pink Pepper, almost like a song.
Or is it the laughter that Pulcinella’s mask induces?
Rose and Jasmine fill the air, fleeting…a hint of a mild season and a place more serene than elsewhere.
The scent leaves room for the coffee, drunken aroma fills the air and greets passersby, an accomplice of Hazelnut Cream and Orange Blossom Absolute.
It lingers in the memory with Vanilla and Amber Woods of place, objects and icons of the land, seen in the twilight of sunny days.
They are the doors of churches and aristocratic buildings, the furnishings of rooms without time, the replicas of that historical mask that makes you laugh and cry together, in a whirlwind of opposite emotions complementary.

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