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Bougies la Francaise Artisan School Paper Glue Candle w/Galvanized Lid

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Visions of childhood, noises of tradesmen, perfumes of yesteryear, feelings intact, tastes of childhood remembered. The inspiration of five generations of candle makers, and with the savoir-faire of a celebrated manufacturer, the heritage still unveils new treasures, tradition is passed down, time honored is brought up to date, and nostalgia reinvented.

Reinterpreting the little pot of white glue of your childhood, this vintage candle will take you back to the benches of the school. Remove the lid and discover this scented candle glue.

This intriguing candle brings you top notes of Almond & Peach, middle notes of Rose, Heliotrope & Violet and bottom notes of Rosemary & Thyme.
A truly delightful blend!
40 hour burn