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Carthusia Caprissimo Profumo - 50ml

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Flowers, sunshine and “la dolce vita” are the ingredients that make up this Carthusia perfume, a fragrance created for living through the senses, embodying the spirit and energy that surround Capri. Sparkling fresh tones of citrus give way to a top note which blends elegantly with the flowery subtleties that permeate the unison with all their persistence.
Hints of spice accentuate and exalt the green note and introduce the rich flowery body which encapsulates the essence of blue hyacinth and clove.
HEAD NOTES: Lilac, Damascus Rose, Water Jasmine, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Bergamot of Calabria, Red Mandarin.
HEART NOTES:Honeysuckle, Florentine Iris, Japanese Osmanthus, Blue Hyacinth, Tuberose, Clove, Leafy green.
BASE NOTES:White Musk, Moroccan Cedarwood,Patchouli,Sandalwood, Amber Gris, Myrrh.
The perfect cold weather or evening fragrance.