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Z&Co. Rescue Dog Spray Mist

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The Bone Digger Collection
People call me rescue dog, but I call myself lucky dog.
I once went weeks without being fed. But now I have a nice plushy bed. No more hot days chained outside!
Now I eat every day, get belly rubs, hugs, kisses, and walks in the park. Yes, I’m a rescue dog.  
Yes, I’m a lucky dog! 
Working closely with Dr. Dolittle Rescue Ranch of South, Texas.
They told Zee they need a spray that was a bit stronger, and able to control the smell most rescue dogs have for the first 2 months after they are rescued.
Most of these dogs have not had a bath in years or in some cases never!
Due to a poor diets or lack of their fur often smells bad even after a bath.
Because of this we mix essential oils and phthalate free fragrance oil.
To help all these rescue dogs to smell good, and shine when they have a potential new family come to visit.
Z&CO. did something a bit different with this dog spray.
This 8 oz. spray smells of clean soap and hits of basil.