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Andrée Jardin Hard & Soft Vegetable Brush Heritage

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Do not peel any more! Brush! 
Thanks to this vegetable brush, you will be able to consume fruits and vegetables without peeling them, and thus preserve the nutritional values ​​such as the vitamins of the foods concerned. 
It is in fact in the skin that we most often find the most nutritious elements of a fruit or a vegetable.

This vegetable brush has the special feature of having 2 hardnesses:

  • A rigid side with a mixture of natural fibers of basin and tampico
  • A softer side in natural tampico fibers

Heritage Range (Thermo-heated Ash Wood)

To maintain and to maintain its effectiveness, rinse it after each use and wash it from time to time with  vinegar  or soapy water

Drying in the open air.

long 11.5 cm x large 4.5 cm x high 5 cm