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Z&Co Farmhouse Solid-Block Eucalyptus Lemon Dish Soap

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This Zero Waste Farmhouse kitchen soap is a satisfying experience in every way.
(Zero waste and it looks great on your counter!)
It will cut right through oily residue on your dishes and cooking utensils. 
Scrub stuck-on food in your cookware by running the Saucepan Brush over your block-soap then quickly clean the pan to a smooth finish. 
Safe on your wooden spoons and spatulas as well.
It doesn't stop there.
Think of daily mishaps that need a helping hand and this tough block-soap is ready go to work. 
Clean countertops, cutting boards, cooking spills on your kitchen rug (or any rug!). 
No task is outside of the realm of clean-up with this tough yet gentle-on-hands block-soap. 
Made using shea butter and other rich oils this soap is moisturizing to your skin.
This soap comes hand stamped and packed in a box.

Remember to keep your Z&Co soap high & dry!
Don't let your soap melt away in a puddle of water.
Keep it on this beautifully crafted soap dish (sold separately)
Add the pot brush and soap dish and you're all set!

This soap comes hand stamped and packed in a box.

Each 16 oz Kitchen soap can replace 3 or more bottles of typical liquid dish soap. By using less plastic bottles we can help our environment. 

Choose from an assortment of eco-friendly scrubbing tools and you're set!

(accessories shown are sold separately)

Vegan Ingredients:  
 Saponified oils of Coconut Oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, water, Sodium hydroxide eucalyptus essential oil, lemon essential oil.