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All Occasion Boxed Note Cards - Lavender Fields Forever

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Sku: M2017

Relax when you write a message on these gorgeous note cards.

The images of these fields of lavender are so real, you can almost smell their soothing scent.

These notecards look great framed, too!

Try framing them individually, or grouping several in a collage frame, to create visually appealing wall decor. create a vision of abstract beauty

These unique note cards are packaged in a complementary-themed set featuring 10 carefully edited, gallery-quality assorted images, each different yet closely related. This versatile note card set is printed in the U.S. on high-quality, recycled stock and packaged in a design-specific and color-coordinated custom box featuring a visual reference of the entire series contained within.

10 Assorted Note Cards Beautiful Visions of Fields of Growing Lavender Flowers, with White Envelopes.

5.25" x 4"