TokyoMilk Light/Dark Fragrance Wardrobe/Perfume Discovery Rollerball Set


Be prepared for a chance encounter. Discover the Alchemy of Allure with two cult classics from the TokyoMilk Light and Dark fragrance wardrobes. 

Discover the inverted character pf TokyoMilk Light & Dark.

Two fragrances crushed & distilled for a transformative perfume experience from day to night. 

Fragrance Features:

Discover the seduction, mystery, and complexity of TokyoMilk Dark and the inverted character of TokyoMilk Light with this set of six rollerballs.

Perfume Sampler Includes:
6 x 1.6 fl oz Rollerball Perfumesin Tainted Love, Everything & Nothing, La Vie La Mort, And Soul, Awaken Within, and Transformation.  

Fragrance Features:
Tainted Love revels in the complexities of love with warm notes of dark vanilla bean, sensuous sandalwood, provocative spices, and an unexpected kiss of sweet orchid.

Everything & Nothing charms with a bright burst of citrus and layers of sweet, blossoming florals. Romantic and optimistic, the blend of pressed petals, tea leaves, and sweet orange creates an enchanting sensory experience.

La Vie La Mort captivates with an intoxicating blend of flowers. White tuberose and jasmine are transformed by a touch of cardamom and hibiscus leaf to transcend beauty itself.

And Soul is a fragrance with an ethereal lightness. Pressed Oolong Tea leaves and Bamboo Reed are blended with Orchid & White Musk for a crisp and refreshing fragrance that beautifully breaks tradition and challenges convention.

Awaken Within is beautifully modern and complex with a bright burst of Citrus & Sky. Layers of sweet Orange Blossom and Jasmine are blended with Neroli to create a botanical sensory experience.

Transformation is shining with layers of blossoming florals. A romantic combination of Mandarin, Tuberose and warm Amber & Earth with a touch of White Clay. A true exploration of the balance of beauty and power.

Box Dimensions:
9.75"L x 4.75"H x 1.25"W

Rollerball Fills:
48 ml / 1.6 fl oz x 6 rollerballs

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