Sonoma Lavender Platinum Vine Neck Pillow, Heat Wrap & Spa Mask


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NECK PILLOW The lavender flowers and flaxseed which fill these pillows bring deep heat and relaxation to that place which most likes to hold tension: your neck. The combined effect of the lavender aromatherapy with the long-lasting heat relieves aching muscles. Microwave one minute for 15 minutes of moist, aromatic heat right where you ache, even if it is not your neck. 20" $45.00

HEATWRAP This luxurious wrap is just right to put the therapeutic heat right where you need it most. While your aching muscles find relief from the warmed flaxseed, the heat also releases the relaxing fragrance of the lavender flowers to comfort and relax both body and mind. One minute in the microwave will provide 15 minutes of relaxation and heat therapy. Lavender flowers and flaxseed fill these wraps. The covers may be removed and washed in cold water. 24" $45.00

SPA MASK The Sonoma Lavender Spa Mask is great for headaches and sinus pain. Microwave the lavender flower and flaxseed insert for 30 seconds and place on forehead, eyes, and temples for soothing, moist, aromatic heat to relieve congestion and ease pain. Chill in the freezer for a cold treatment effect.10" $25.00

Items pictured are sold individually, not as a set.


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