Bougies La Francaise Large Scented Candle in Glass Candy Jar - Candied Chestnut

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It's not Christmas without chestnuts! A delicacy that would have emerged at the court of Louis XIV and which owes its secret of manufacture to the long and slow maceration of its fruits in baths of concentrated sugars.

In order to preserve their intact shape, it is with extreme delicacy that they are shaped ... and an extreme delicacy that they are tasted.

Find all the aroma of this confectionery of great tradition in candy scented candy 55 hour marron glacé. Gourmet vanilla flavors and woody chestnuts, all sprinkled with icing sugar.

The "old fashioned" label of this Christmas candle is adorned with bronze reflections of the chestnuts so that image and perfume become one.

Slip this gourmet candle in your kitchen between jars filled with hard candies and jars of jam and combine its golden hues with the candles of the Winter collection in gold and white.

Burn time 55 hours.

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