Ibiza Heated Neck Roll & Spa Blankie


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HEATED NECK ROLL The lavender flowers and flaxseed which fill this supportive neck roll bring deep heat and relaxation to that place which most likes to hold tension: your neck. The combined affect of the lavender aromatherapy with the long-lasting heat relieves aching muscles. Microwave one minute for 15 minutes of moist, aromatic heat right where you ache. 13" x 6" $45.00

SPA BLANKIE:  This soft, cuddly blanket brings the spa experience home. Heat the blankie in a microwave for a minute or two for fragrant, moist heat for relaxtion and soothing of tired or achy muscles. Wrap the lavender and flaxseed-filled blanket around you for a muscle-relaxing, warm hug, or snuggle under or over it, to get that penetrating, aromatic heat just where you need it. 18x44" $70.00

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