Claus Porto Deco Voga - Tuberose


This 100% vegetable soap is blended with shea butter, for a smooth and creamy lather.
It is milled up to three times in order to create a long-lasting soap bar. Fragrances are added to subtly scent the skin.
Hand-packed in illustrated wrapping adorned with original graphics from Claus Porto’s archives.
Voga’s fragrance plays with the blossoms of the acacia tree, which is native to Portugal, and sweet tuberose. These notes, combined with mimosa and musk, create a light yet captivating scent.
The line’s ornate design reflects the fragrance’s mysterious, unabashedly feminine mood.
Top Notes: Fruity accord, acacia
Heart Notes: Mimosa, tuberose
Base Notes: Musk
12,4 oz.

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