Bougies la Francaise Boudoir Antique Jasmin Scented Candle


Preciously poured in a ribbed glass of extreme femininity, the Antique Jasmine scented candle box reinterprets the charms of the past. Subtly concealed in a retro box, reminiscent of the elegance of old hat boxes, this jasmine candle will immerse you in a universe full of nostalgia.

A symbol of beauty and feminine temptation, jasmine expresses in the wake of this scented candle the many facets of this complex flower . Between strength and fragility, delicacy and tenacity, the allure of this floral candle is a mysterious sweetness ... The floral notes of ylang-ylang introduce seductive jasmine scents. The last notes of this scented jasmine candle become fruity, releasing the impertinence of a radiant flower.

Soft, aerial and feminine, all the scents of the Bougies Boudoir scented floral candles are unique ... Discover them quickly! 45 hour burn

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