Sonoma Eucalyptus Sachets-by-the-Yard - 36"


The heavenly scent of eucalyptus makes everything smell like fresh air. Tie to your closet pole or cut separate sachets for your drawers. Besides adding a refreshing scent, Eucalyptus repels insects. Eucalyptus and lavender flowers are encased in organza. Eucalyptus oil evaporates quickly so refresh the scent with Eucalyptus Oil. Feel refreshed, invigorated and more alert as the scent of eucalyptus opens your air passages. Eucalyptus sachets are filled with eucalyptus and lavender to repel insects and add a clean fresh scent.


A full yard of eucalyptus and lavender. Tie to closet poles or cut apart eight sachets to place in drawers or to freshen your pillows.

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