Saar Soleares is a family owned dutch company 100% natural and organic
with a long and solid tradition.
The story begins with a family recipe,
(grandpa’s orchard in the south of Germany), which Sarah Schwarz, the
founder, used to create a balm from beeswax to apply to her baby girl’s delicate
skin. Suffering from severe eczema she needed a healing ointment which
was effective, healthy and 100% organic. Magically, the eruptions began
to disappear. This result confirmed Sarah’s belief in the healing power of
mother nature, inspiring her to bring this product and many others to market
and share this little miracle with many others.
A company was born.
Saar Soleares manufactures luxury balms, oils, body mists and fragrances,
all hand made in small lots and distilled in a natural way without the need
to utilize any other additives. They are crafted using indigenous aromas and
100% Natural and organic
Saar Soleares supports organic farming and beehives.

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