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Panier Des Sens

It is in the South of France that PANIER DES SENS cosmetics are conceived and developed.
Inspired by natural resources and Mediterranean know-how, the lines of body care, toiletries, and perfumes magnify the beauty of Provence through elegant products, subtle textures of evocative and delicate scents.
They call this a  true lavender, lavender from the Alps, sweet lavender. This little blue flower, the soul of Haute Provence, is characterized by its unique scent, flowery and fragrant. A relaxing perfume that helps to combat stress and insomnia.
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Panier Des Sens combine research and nature to take the best that Provence has to offer.
Panier Des Sens products are guaranteed free from:

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A cylindrical container alongside a transparent bottle of Panier Des Sens Lavender Eau de Parfum. Both items feature lavender plant illustrations and are labeled in elegant typography.
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Panier Des Sens Lavender Eau de Parfum
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