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Caswell-Massey Rose Water - 1oz Fine Mist Spray

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The benefits of rose petals have been known since ancient times (Cleopatra famously added them to her bath).

Natural distillations like ours have long been relied on for a range of uses.

As a mild astringent, it helps tighten pores and tone your skin after washing. 

Spray some over a hot bath for a scented soak, or above your showerhead to mist down around you.

Spritz on bed linens and lingerie to freshen.

Lightly moisturize and fragrance tresses as a final hair rinse.

However you use it, the light scent of roses will delight you and infuse daily rituals with a calming, romantic aura.



  • Spritz over your face as a toner
  • Mist over linens for a lovely fragrant home
  • Spray into your shower or bath
  • Wear as a light fragrance 


  • Soothes and hydrates sensitive skin
  • Helps maintain skin’s pH balance
  • Contains natural anti-inflammatories and antioxidants

  • 1.0 oz (30ml) blue glass bottle with spray top 
  • Alcohol-free
  • No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Made in the USA