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La Savonnerie de Nyons Lavender Liquid Soap

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Sku: 3800-25112

This 500ml bottle with pump soap is scented with Lavender essence reminiscent of the sweet scents of Provence.  

This Lavender liquid soap is cooked in a cauldron according to the traditional Marseillaise method. 

It is a mild soap suitable for sensitive skin thanks to its composition which contains olive oil and Marseille soap. 

Recover soft skin after use and experience a moment of well-being.

Rediscover the scent of Provence with this lavender hand soap, ideal in your bathroom or kitchen.

  Natural and biodegradable, this liquid soap contributes to respect for the environment and does not pollute rivers.

The fragrance essence of this soaps come from the perfume capital, the city of Grasse. 

French manufacturing in the heart of Provence. 

500ml / 16.66 fl oz