California Fleurish is a Regional Fragrance company. That is, indigenous fragrance themes that celebrate the rich, year-round botanical life of California. California Fleurish has made a complete, and much needed, return to classical perfume which was blended from fine natural botanical essences, before the onset of synthetic chemical fragrance. 

Their signature fragrance is BLACK CITRUS. Other fragrances were influenced by similar coastal terrains, ranging from the Mediterranean to the Pacific Rim as in LEMONGRASSPACIFIC WOODS and FRENCH LAVENDER.

California Fleurish specializes in therapy-grade, state-of-the-art Personal Care products. The result is unique, old world quality products that are natural, elegant and practical.

We were saddened to find out that production of these lovely products has come to an end. We hope you are able to stock up on your favorite California Fleurish scent and product here on our site.

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