A century ago, Andrée Jardin’s future husband, Georges Renée Julio, started out as an apprentice brush maker in Nantes. 

In 1947, he opened his own factory and the adventure began.

Over the years the brush factory supplied more and more industrial clients, and from father to son, the company became specialised in tailor-made brushes.

Buying an Andrée Jardin brush  is a way to support a manufacturer who ensures the preservation of French know-how.

Inspired by their much-loved grandmothers’ sponge bags, and reflecting an authentic French art of living, this range of bathroom accessories provides for all your skincare needs.  

Always within reach, near in your bathroom, these accessories will become very handy in your everyday life, it can also make itself very discreet.

The bathroom « TRADITION » line is characterised by the materials used, vanished beechwood.
 The HERITAGE range with Its unique wood will help your bathroom brushes withstand the passage of time and humidity.
This new collection, made of 100% thermo-treated French ashwood which has an excellent resistance to humidity, can even be stored in the shower.

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