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Bougies La Francaise Scented Candle in Glass Candy Jar - Crystallized Orange

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With its retro look and its irresistible fruity scent, the candied "orange candy" candle delights us!
This gourmet candle attracts the eye and seduces the taste buds to become your favorite decorative object ...

With the irresistible fragrances, this fruity candle will your favorite of the delicious winter aromas.
Citrus notes, on a background of gluttony and musk ... Light up this candle orange confit and set the tone of your evening. This year, Christmas will be delectable!
Scented candle made in France. 30 hour burn.

Also, consider pairing with the scented sweet candy apple candle.

Scented candle made in France. Perfume of Grasse: Candied orange.