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Bougies la Francaise Boudoir Vintage Rose Scented Candle

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Place this gorgeous candle at the heart of your decor. The Old Rose scented candle box inspires the beauty of the past. At the same time flirtatious, glamorous and elegant, this ribbed glass candle is concealed in a pretty pastel box, resolutely retro, evoking the sentiment of yesteryear ... To become a beautiful gift idea.

A true invitation to tenderness, this candles scent envelops you in the wake of a ballet of petals. From the first notes, the rose sets the tone. This scented candle evokes both  the green and floral notes of climbing roses. A fruity heart diffuses gently, blossoming on the velvet of its last notes of perfect rose. 
At the head, a green rose, climbing, with pure and vegetal notes ... In heart, the blackberry brings its fruity flavor, softened by the flower of violets, and some peppered notes of the carnation ... The seductive background incenses the Ottoman rose, rich and deep ...
45 hour burn