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It's Been a Long Time Coming!

Written by Pam Frasca


Posted on February 03 2017

For those of you who are regulars, you have probably noticed the amazing difference between the site you had been frequenting since 2001, and our new, beautiful and user-friendly site you see today.

From first opening our tiny shop in Telluride, CO, to opening our brick and mortar in Santa Rosa, CA in 1988 (which closed in 2010), to upgrading our faithful old website to the new one, it's been an amazing journey!

My love of scent goes back to my childhood. My mother always smelled so wonderful, and she loved filling our house with beautiful scents. From her choice of personal fragrance to the soaps she put in our drawers and the linen closet to the powdered sachet she sprinkled on our pillows when she changed the sheets. When I was 13 she and I took a trip to Europe. We toured Grasse, the Fragonard factory and the Molinard factory. She delighted in bringing home beautiful eau de parfum from France. 

When I scroll through the new site I have many of the same feelings I had when I opened the shop in the morning, pride in my creation and in the products I had chosen to offer my customers. It is truly my joy to scour the world of fragrance and beauty to find new products to bring you. I am ecstatic when I find something special! Your joy is my joy!

My intention with this blog is to share with you the rich history of the numerous lines we offer, details of the classic traditions in making these products and hopefully get you as excited as I am about what's here and what's to come. Until next time!

Thank you! 

All the best,




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